Spring cleaning is not just for your home…it’s for your yard as well!!  Whether you are an enthusiastic gardener or just someone who likes to maintain a nice yard for curb appeal, this is the time to think about yard clean up.  Here are some tips for getting your outside ready for summer:

Pace Yourself

Spring yard clean up is exciting but if you have a lot to do, it can seem really daunting.  Divide your lawn and  gardens up into sections, and set goals to complete those sections each day over a few weeks until completed.  Make sure you have a good supply of lawn waste bags, so you can bag each area and be DONE.

Assess Your Tools

This is a great time of year to go through all of your garden and yard tools to make sure they are ready for the season.  Rakes, shovels, hoses, pruners and even flower pots should be checked, cleaned and ready to go for the new growing season.  This will help with yard clean up. If you have things that need replacing….do that first.


The most important task for your lawn for spring is removing debris.  Leaves, twigs and things that have blown in from winter winds need to be raked and removed.  This allows for your lawn to be ready for fertilizer when the weather warms up.spring yard clean up

Watch for Spring Cold Snaps

Spring can still bring really cool days so focus on yard clean up and prep and be patient when it comes to planting.  The last tip is for early flowering items.  If very cold weather or hard spring frost is in the forecast, throw a cover over early flowering plants.  If you have decorative flowering trees, such as a magnolia,  string lights on them and turn the lights on at night to protect them from frost and cold.  It’s pretty and will make your neighbors wonder!!!

Happy Spring!!!  Oh…if this does not sound fun, you can always call Straighten Your Paths for some help!!!

What is your best spring yard clean up tip?

Guest blogger today is Ann Wagener, SYP organizer and experienced yard and garden enthusiast.

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