Is there ever enough time in the day, week, month? It seems that time just slips through our fingers (or the exact opposite when experiencing something unexciting). I remember several of these during my college career… required classes that I’m sure were very important to someone, yet VERY uninteresting to me. Nonetheless, my favorite quote since having children is, “The days are long, but the years fly by.” How true this is of my life now. So, no matter what season of life you find yourself, a focus on one key life skill is necessary this month… time organization.

Each week of February you will learn new organizational life skills from our experienced organizers on how to organize/manage your time.

Donna Schmidt, Straighten Your Paths organizer, shares a strategy for keeping your home company ready:

Should I Be Fired?? by donna schmidt

Getting ready for company today, I found that I had allowed my standard rule for the house to slide a bit: my “30-minutes-until-company rule.”Welcome carpet

My “30-minutes-until-company rule” is that the main level of the house, where most guests would be, should always be within 30 minutes of being ready to receive guests.  As my busy schedule has kept me away from home for a few days, my own rule has kinda gotten away from me.

Then I thought, “If they ever saw my house, they’d fire me!” How can I possibly clean and organize for others when I can’t keep up with my own?!

The answer to that thought came pretty easily – it’s MUCH easier to clean someone else’s ‘stuff.’  It really is true!  When cleaning, I just clean ‘around’ other people’s belongings. There is always the ‘stuff’ that hangs me up every time at my own house. Like how I ‘need to go through’ that pile of papers….

It’s also so much simpler to declutter and organize for someone else.  So simple to look at things that have no emotional value to me and objectively decide whether it should stay or go. MY stuff….WAY harder!

So, this morning, I sent my family off to church and went into frantic mode.  While cleaning up under the edges of the cabinets, I found myself particularly stressed about time.  I also couldn’t help but wonder why on earth there was so much ‘stuff’ on the floor when I sweep several times a day.  And then I got mad that I was doing this while I would much rather be enjoying and learning a lesson at church.

And then a peace came over me as I realized… I’m already on my knees, what better time to talk to God?!  I prayed, I relaxed, and I finished in time.

How do you keep your house prepared to welcome guests?

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