Think Spring! Maybe it will actually come…waiting…patiently waiting…is it warm yet?… Well, it was worth a try, right? The other option for encouraging spring to sprout is to begin your spring cleaning. If nothing else, your house will be organized, and you will be prepared for long days outdoors, in the sunny weather. (Am I daydreaming again?)

Let’s begin with three spring cleaning tips that are sure to start your spring off on the right foot:

1) Vinegar works wonders. This stuff can clean anything! Mix equal parts vinegar and water for an all-purpose cleaner. Add inShower cleaning rubbing alcohol, and you have a streak-proof window cleaner. And my new favorite tip, mix vinegar and dish soap in a soap-dispensing sponge, pictured right, for a quick and easy shower and tub cleaner. (This sounds a bit odd, but I have tried it. There is nothing easier than scrubbing down your shower while you are already in there!)



2) Magazine Files. They can be used for everything! One option is to utilize a magazine file for saran wrap, aluminum foil, wax paper, and plastic baggie storage; their boxes fit perfectly. Another spring cleaning storage tip for using magazine files is storing all of those papers… bills, manuals, take-out menus, recipes, etc. Everything looks less chaotic and more organized when it is contained.


3) Closets. There are a million spring cleaning tips out there for organizing a closet, but this one is my favorite. After you have sorted through your clothing, hang all of your keep items, and replace the hangers in your closet backward. Whenever you wear an item, turn the hanger around. If you haven’t worn an item in six months (or even by the time the season is over), you should donate or consign it. Exceptions are little black dresses and classic wardrobe items (i.e. the white button down).

SYP hopes these tips get you motivated for spring cleaning! The time is here, even if spring hasn’t sprung yet! Find more spring cleaning tips throughout the month when you like our facebook page!

What is your favorite spring cleaning tip?

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