School’s out! Even though our children are grown and out of the house, the school year still affects us, and summer is usually gone in the blink of an eye. With so many things competing for our attention in this day and age, we all need to be ruthless in our efforts to stay focused on the most important things in our lives. In my opinion, people and time should be at the top of our lists. Neither should have to compete with social media, but as it turns out, social media doesn’t have to compete with much of anything.

When SYP started out in 2003, e-mail was the thing. I cautioned people on not getting distracted with e-mail. Holy smoke, times have changed! Today our digital devices offer many practical benefits, but they also offer a near constant temptation to pull us away from our priorities. Worse yet, they are pulling our children away from real-life interactions and relationships vital to their health and happiness. Current research shows that time spent sitting and talking with family members declined by one-third from 1975 to 2000, as did the number of family dinners and vacations, according to researchers at Harvard Kennedy School. Dare to imagine what the numbers look like 16 years later!

So whether you have children home for the summer or not, don’t find yourself wondering over Labor Day weekend where your summer went. Take the upper hand by starting with your social media schedule and lead by Social Media with Childexample, especially for those of you with children.  Children of all ages are watching us and hopeful for our attention … they deserve to know they are the priority. Teach them in the ways they should go. As for our adult family members and friends, never underestimate the value of verbal communication and body language for interpreting messages correctly. My point, get your face out of your device and get face-to-face.

Very few people need to, or should, live in social media. Schedule it (not as a priority), and don’t let it be a distraction from your peeps or your responsibilities. For most of us, it can become a rabbit hole and a big waste of our time. If your time with your peeps is in check, give yourself a pat on the back. BUT, before you jump on social media … take a look at that laundry pile and those dirty dishes. 😉

Enjoy your summer!


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