I am an avid gardener! I love it. It makes me feel good and accomplished. It helps me get outside, enjoy fresh air; get a little color in my cheeks, and you can work out lots of issues when you garden. I love the Fourth of July because not only does it stand for something great but we also host a BIG party every year that is mostly outside so others can enjoy my gardens.

BoywithRose, prepare, provide, accomplish, reflectionWhile getting ready this year my son came out and said “Mom, you should work at the Botanical Center, your flowers look just as nice.” Yippee, someone in my house noticed!!! This brought me back to Mother’s Day. How, you may ask?

I ask for the best gift every year for Mother’s Day… at least for me. I don’t like fancy presents or jewelry (they’re just not practical) and breakfast in bed does not work, as I am an early riser. Every year my request is that the hubby and kids do things for me to get our outdoor living space ready for summer. I do the gardening and I ask that they power wash, stain the deck, wash off outdoor cushions, paint furniture, put up flags and place décor, so when school is out, all is ready … I love it! It is very fun to watch them do this since I give of myself for them most days of the year.

Come my “DAY” we go to church and maybe grab a quick bite, that’s it. This year was a shocker! Not only did they complete my list, but there were also secret extras. The kids went shopping on their own, and since my oldest is 17 she can drive and plan. They bought me some small sweet gifts. Then, they told me after church they were taking me for a surprise that they would “not really like” but I would. Interesting!!!

We headed for downtown Des Moines, which I love, and it became clear early on where we were going but I played along. We were going to the Botanical Center, yeah! Walking through was a real treat for me, but there was also a tinge of frustration. My family kept pointing out all of these plants that they thought were “so cool” or “so pretty.” As much as I liked their enthusiasm, half of what they liked was already in our yard and had been for years! As we walked along, it became the fun joke of the day.

So, they have noticed my efforts in the yard since then, and when my son complimented my efforts getting ready for the 4th it was a real treat. Bottom line, when you prepare and provide things as a mom for your family such as food, care, schedules, supplies, organization, and yes, even flowers, it makes them feel happy. They may not express it or even get it, but that’s not why we do it. However, now and then, you may get a glimpse that it matters, and that means the world!

Enjoy your summer!


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