cleaning your kitchenDon’t adjust your screen. This is what my kitchen looks like after a home-cooked meal with the help of my two sweet toddlers. (Or something incredibly close to this). Dishes piled high. Dried food on the burners. Spilled milk on the floor. A far cry from a few short hours ago during naptime. However, with God’s guidance, I see my glass as half full. We had an enjoyable meal with the simple daily chatter that makes me love my life. Instead of dreading the frequent chaos my life produces, I shall choose to live in the moment and enjoy the small things. In light of my revelation, today we will focus on spring cleaning your kitchen!

Here are some simple tricks to reclaim the calm and start spring cleaning your kitchen:

– If you have heard it once, you have heard it a million times, a place for everything and everything in its place. This is especially true in the kitchen. Food items thrown in the pantry can easily get pushed to the back and forgotten about until they expire, are lost forever, or even bought again! Organize like items together to avoid the confusion. For example: crackers, granola bars, and chips are grouped together in the snack cupboard of my kitchen. Pasta and pasta sauce share a shelf. And canned goods are organized by fruits, veggies, and soups.

You are allowed to keep a junk drawer. Repeat. You are allowed to keep a junk drawer. You read it right! Junk drawers contain all of the handy stuff you need on a daily basis… rubber bands, paper clips, scotch tape. My favorite junk drawers have items separated into baskets and small containers (upcycled Altoid containers and baby food jars are awesome for this).

– Add “doing the dishes” to your nightly 15 to Tidy ritual. A clean kitchen (no matter how unorganized behind doors) always looks less chaotic and calms the mind. A wonderful place to start.

Labels! Label anything and everything that will help keep you and your family organized. If the shelf is labeled ‘cereal,’ the kids will know where to put it back. If the container is labeled ‘flour,’ you won’t accidentally add 2 cups of powdered sugar to your biscuits. You get the point. Labels will keep you accountable. Yet again, a place for everything and everything in its place.

Overall, avoid visual clutter in the kitchen. Keep it clean, avoid dumping mail on the counter when you walk in the door, and begin working on organizing your cupboards/drawers/pantries one at a time. In the meantime, enjoy the small moments that matter most. You will get there! I believe in you!

by jessie springer

How do you organize your junk drawer?

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