Kids Running SummerOh, the end of the school year. I love my children, honestly. But, for years I have dreaded the end of the school year almost as much as I look forward to the beginning of the next school year!

I am not a born organized soul. I generally like to ‘play it by ear’ with my schedule. I don’t plan events until the LAST. POSSIBLE. MOMENT. I take pride in my ability to roll with the flow, think on my feet, and adjust quickly.

I hear other moms talking about having summer totally planned out by spring break and think, “Wait…what? Summer’s coming again this year??” I stay in this stunned state of denial until late April when I finally start searching emails and the web for registration information. (Ok, early May … and last year even early June when I discovered we’d already missed an important-to-#3-child camp!)

So, imagine my own shock at grieving the loss of the school year routine when summer approaches. It even took me the first few school years to figure out what my problem with summer was, because this is SO not me. I laugh in the face of routine! How can it be that I’m negatively affected by what I would predict to be my dream situation – a clear canvas, blank slate, no-alarms-needed twelve weeks?

One answer: Even anti-routine gals crave a little bit of routine and control in dealing with the little ones. Routine with very young children includes breakfast, snack, lunch, nap, snack, supper. Any piece missed can make for an extremely rough day.

Another answer: Comparison. Trying to measure up against other moms who appear to do it better. Forgetting that God chose ME for these four children for a reason, for His purpose. Can I do things better? Absolutely. Do I have to do things exactly like others?  Absolutely not.

The great news … so far we’ve survived 10 summer breaks, and it’s looking good for number 11. I’m finding that, as the kids get older, they’re able to help themselves to breakfast without me (victory!). It’s easier, and maybe even more important, to have unplanned down-time for them to just ‘go outside and play!’ That, along with one or two camps, is how we’ll spend this summer break, and I know all will be well.

Bring on summer!



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