Have you ever started out the year with a set of priorities and by the end of the year, if not sooner, they unintentionally fell to the lower rung? In the organizing profession, January is Get Organized Month. As I mentioned in my final post of 2015, our posts for the month of January will focus on four different organizing topics for your consideration to help you and your family live a more simplified life.

The first of the four topics is near and dear to my heart and, in my opinion, Priorities, disorganization, family, home organization, life skills, organization solutions, prioritize, routine, simplify, time management, transforming livesthe most important. None of us are immune to the foot traffic of today: Traffic, smart phones, television, social media, bills, worries, deadlines, the neighbors’ dogs, demanding children, crowds, noise, endless responsibilities, relational scars, and more. This foot traffic often either stops people in their tracks or catapults them into eagerly planning their time without serious consideration of what their top priorities should be. Then the whirlwind of multitasking begins – for some it’s organized multitasking and for others it becomes what I refer to as self-induced attention deficit while operating without a plan. As for multitasking, few do it well because most take on too much.

Let’s break this down a bit. Do you realize that about 80 percent of what we do, anyone can do? Things like going to work, attending meetings, staying tuned in to social media, checking e-mail, answering phones, and going to soccer games and lunches and dinners. Another 15 percent of what we do someone with some measure of training could do in our place. BUT, at least 5 percent of what we do, only we can do. No one else can do it for us. Only I can be a wife to my husband. Only I can be a mother to my children. Only I can keep my body healthy. And only I can grow spiritually. No one else can do the last 5 percent for me.

It’s for this last 5 percent that each of us will be held accountable in that great and final day. It’s the last 5 percent that will determine the depth of influence we will have on the generations after us. It’s the last 5 percent that will decide how joyful our marriage will be and how genuine our legacy is. I know several families whose marriages struggle and their relationships with their children are strained because one or both spouses have dedicated themselves to their work, hobbies and even to service areas in an unhealthy manner. Before they knew it, their priorities unintentionally shifted to these areas instead of their marriages and children. Be content to invest your life in your spouse and children. A word of caution for those of you dedicated to mission or service work, if the ministry is important, God will either raise up others to do it, or in his time will arrange your situation so that his work is compatible with your family responsibilities.

So as you begin to set goals and develop plans for 2016, I encourage you to schedule first your daily quiet time with God – he’s our greatest mentor and will never let us down. Next, schedule time with your spouse, then your children, and do not forget to schedule time to work on your temple – you only get one body and no one else can take care of it like you were created to. These are your 5 percent that cannot be delegated. I encourage you to schedule around them and resist the temptation not to.

Praying as you plan,


Parts of this post have been taken from “The Divine Mentor” by Wayne Cordeiro

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