Gift of a new day.

As we approach a new year, I can’t help but ponder comments from friends, family, colleagues, and clients relative to closing out 2010. I have learned repeatedly, and am beginning to embrace as a habit, the importance of truly rejoicing over a new day vs. a new year. One year ago I was four months into the grieving process after losing my husband very unexpectedly. While not new to the journey of grief, I was quickly reminded that these journeys are all very different … even for me. I entered into 2010 with some crazy mindset that 2009 had been tough, but 2010 was here and I was ready for it with my sleeves rolled up. Whatever. Don’t misunderstand me, 2010 was filled with blessing after blessing, but when I got ahead of myself or behind myself, my God got a hold of me as if to say, “Not yet,” or “Giddy up.”

Thankfully I’m a fairly organized person with a place for everything and everything in its place (you know the drill), because when things slid a bit it was natural for me to get back in the saddle or straightforward for someone to assist me. I learned to really look at each day and each moment in every day … to discern the priorities of each task in a way I never had. I was taught another form of balance for this season. As many of you know, I stepped out of the front lines of Straighten Your Paths in 2010. It wasn’t seamless for some of you, and I appreciate your grace when I wasn’t available or attentive. My team … there aren’t words enough to thank you for carrying on when I couldn’t. To all of you, thank you for your prayers and patience.

Rejoice! It’s a new day!