time to GOJanuary is National Get Organized Month. In other words, GO! GO plan! GO declutter! GO create calm! GO conquer the world! … Overwhelmed? Here are a few key organizing tips to get started on your month of organization:

Make a plan for your day, week, month. Working without a plan just begs for chaos. Know what needs to be done, what could be done if you have time, and what you want to get done (i.e. the fun stuff).

Manage your time properly. Set up organizational systems that work for you in your own home. Utilize a command center, so that everyone knows the plan.

Create quiet time for yourself. This may be difficult as a parent, spouse, and career person. God needs us to stop and listen, though. Your reflection time (even if it comes while washing dishes or cleaning out a closet) will make a huge difference in becoming a calmer, happier you.


Begin Organizing, Prioritizing, and Decluttering

Often, the thought of beginning to get organized is much more daunting than actually acting on it. Just GO! Gretchen Rubin had it right in her book, “The Happiness Project,” when she began her year of seeking happiness with a “vitality” month  focused on organizing. Her GO month consisted of cleaning closets, getting rid of piles, and, of course, finding the happiness in becoming a more energized and organized person.

As a side note, I should really take Rubin’s advice myself. Being a born night owl forces me to stay awake until at least midnight, and then my early riser kiddo forces me back awake at the crack of dawn, leaving me with coffee in hand all day. One of Rubin’s January resolutions was to “go to sleep earlier.” Rubin says, “My new, not-exactly-startling resolution for getting more sleep was to turn off the light. Too often I stayed up to read, answer e-mails, watch TV, pay bills, or whatever, instead of going to bed.” Isn’t this the story of being an adult? We fill our time to the max. Thus, starting 2013 with a GO month fits perfectly. Organization is key to relaxation in my world.

Start small as Rubin did. She decluttered her closet and gave herself a self-proclaimed “clutter-clearing buzz.” Then she moved on to her husband’s closet and even convinced a friend to start decluttering. By the end of the month, Rubin states that she felt more “alert and calm.” She also says, “I was astonished by the charge of energy and satisfaction I got from creating order.” It was a “promising start.”

I hope that you all can begin your year with finding order and peace in your household. I pray that God will replenish us with strength, energy, and a sense of calm while enjoying life to the fullest. Keep reading our weekly blog to see how our GO month is progressing, and share your organizing ventures with SYP on our blog and Facebook!


God Bless,


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