Family Chalkboard WallThis is for all you moms out there (and the artsy types). A fun, decorative, easy diy! Today I want to share with you… the chalkboard wall.

My kiddos are finally to the age where they can enjoy a chalkboard wall, and I am taking full advantage of it! Last week, I painted an empty wall in my kitchen with chalkboard paint. (And now have gone crazy on pinterest finding wonderfully artsy ideas to fill it with.) My initial idea was to choose weekly Bible verses and inspirations to help instill values and teach Bible stories to the kids. But I’m also excited that I have found so many new inspirations, too. How about choosing one letter, writing it in capital and lower cases, and drawing an animal to match? L is for lion! Or how about text and drawings for birthdays and special events? Holidays? Recipes? The possibilities are endless! I have been so inspired by my kids’ ideas, too. Self-portraits. Animals. And I learned from my son that he can write the entire alphabet in capital letters. One proud mama here! (An added bonus: the chalkboard wall keeps my kids in eyesight and entertains them while I do dishes and cook dinner.)

Tips to creating a nearly perfect chalkboard wall:

1) Be a better painter than I am. Ok, so my lines are nowhere near straight. But I am claiming artistic license.

2) Use several coats of the chalkboard paint. Many inexpensive options are available; mine was only $10. A lot of bang for your buck!

3) Wait a week before writing on it.

4) Cover the whole wall with chalk to cure it. Then wipe it down.

5) Write, re-write, and draw draw draw!

6) Wipe clean with a damp cloth, and start again.

One extra tip… From my research, it seems that many people have the idea to use their chalkboard wall as a grocery list in their kitchen. Not a great idea. So much time and energy is wasted writing out a grocery list that you are going to re-write to take along with you to the store. I guess you could always snap a picture on your smart phone… Seriously, stick to pen and paper. Simplify! That’s my motto.Chalkboard Wall

The chalkboard wall has added so much fun to the decor of our kitchen. It looks cozy, eclectic, and truly is an easy, inexpensive diy project.

What is your latest diy project?

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