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Are you in need of these strategies to reduce chaos?

How many times have you spent 20 minutes looking for something that was not where it was supposed to be? Or maybe you don’t have a consistent “where it was supposed to be.” Many experience this chaos at some point in life. For some it stems from childhood patterns or circumstances, and for others it either creeps up over time or crashes in with the storms of life.

Many have the best of intentions in conquering clutter and periodically get things in order only to experience clutter-creep-back, sometimes within one week! Clutter and chaos are not limited to our physical environments. For some it begins with emotional clutter, which inevitably leads to varying forms of disorganization.

Through our years of service, we continue to learn that no two clients have the same situation or need. The coaches at Straighten Your Paths will help you assess your circumstances through an initial visit. At that time, we will jointly determine next steps to help you reclaim your space, your time, your peace of mind… your life.

While many teams come in and tackle the immediate tasks, our coaches will help you with your current situation and, more importantly, coach you on ways to armor against clutter-creep-back. Once you become aware of your current situation and determine where you want to be, we will help you get there and stay there.

Contact us now to begin exploring solutions to help you meet your goals.