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Home Staging:

Does your home lack these attributes that will help it sell faster?

Every house will sell, it’s merely a matter of when and for what price, yet most sellers do not realize the control they have over these two key variables. When a house feels as if it could be home, buyers will intuitively re-prioritize their “must haves” list. If two houses are similar, buyers will choose the one that touches them emotionally. Help buyers remember your house as the one that feels like home.

The first three steps in our four step process form the essential foundation that allows buyers to see a roomy, clean, functional space in good repair. The fourth and final step focuses on creating a memorable feeling that lasts beyond their visit and makes a buyer want to come back to stay.

  1. Declutter – We encourage decluttering every space. As much as one-third to one-half of cabinet and closet contents should be removed. We also suggest clients store personal collections including most family photos. Overall, we coach on sorting, grouping and facing items.
  2. Clean – We promote and perform top to bottom cleaning — inside and out, including light bulbs.
  3. Repair – We recommend and perform minor repairs; we recommend and refer major repairs.
  4. Transform – We stage and position each home to appeal to the broadest market possible.

Move Coordination
– In addition to home staging, we often assist with the packing process once a home sells. Your home will be packed in an organized fashion that allows for efficient and effective set up in your new home. Guess what? We can help you unpack as well!

Because a move has many moving parts and demands your full attention, allow us to clean your new home before you move in. Once we shine the handle as we close your front door, we would love to clean up your prior home and give it that final shine for its new owners.

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