Time Management

Life-Changing Habits


It’s January 20, and I find myself wondering how many folks have abandoned their New Year’s resolutions. Do you find yourself setting, what seem to be, attainable goals to get your new year off to a healthier, happier you … only to discover disappointment before you get

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Living with Less

living with less

Are you ready for what this season has in store? If we only knew, right? I think most of us agree that it’s better we don’t. Fall brings with it many new and exciting things; only you know what they are for you and your household. Fall

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Playing Without a Playbook

playbook, straighten your paths, life organization

This week I had a much needed day off. Spring and summer are two of our busier seasons and we had been swamped since the beginning of May. I had been compiling a mental laundry list of to-dos for days preparing for today. BUT, I didn’t write

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Summer & Social Media

School’s out! Even though our children are grown and out of the house, the school year still affects us, and summer is usually gone in the blink of an eye. With so many things competing for our attention in this day and age, we all need to

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Houston, we may have a problem!

resolution, decluttering, disorganization, family, home organization, housekeeping, organization solutions, organizing, prioritize, recycle, removing obstacles, routine, simplify, time management

Living a healthier lifestyle is at the top of most resolution lists this time of year. Today, I want to discuss the status of your ‘but’ … not your gluteus maximus, your organizing but! You know the one – I would get organized, but I am too

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Start Small & Build

start small, build big, get organized, set an example, no excuses

How many times have you set out to get organized? Some think they can accomplish it over the weekend; others take one week of vacation (or more) to attempt it. If they are able to get organized in that timeframe, they often find themselves moving backward before

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Don’t wait for spring – winter clean!

winter cleaning, spring cleaning, winter clean, organization, house decluttering

Most of us grew up hearing about, or participating in, “spring cleaning.” Everything outside is fresh and new, so why not your house too? The problem I have with deep cleaning, organizing, and household projects in the spring is that it’s not what I want to be doing

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Planning Priorities

Priorities, disorganization, family, home organization, life skills, organization solutions, prioritize, routine, simplify, time management, transforming lives

Have you ever started out the year with a set of priorities and by the end of the year, if not sooner, they unintentionally fell to the lower rung? In the organizing profession, January is Get Organized Month. As I mentioned in my final post of 2015,

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Constructive Thoughtfulness for the Future

plan for the future, organization, de-cluttering, house cleaning, goals for the new year

As I write my last post for 2015, many thoughts flood my mind … reflections on this year, memories from prior holidays, dreams and goals for the upcoming year, and on it goes. I try not to get too far ahead of myself in setting goals for

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Hurry & Scurry

woman mind, planning, routine, hurry and scurry

Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind. King Solomon – the wisest man who ever lived Why is it that when school starts up, in many ways it feels like the start of a new year … even

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