Living with Less

living with less

Are you ready for what this season has in store? If we only knew, right? I think most of us agree that it’s better we don’t. Fall brings with it many new and exciting things; only you know what they are for you and your household. Fall

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Waukee Community Closet – a chance to serve/a chance to save

Did you know that clothing is one of the top three sources of clutter found in homes in the US? Join us in assisting the Waukee Community Closet as they prepare to expand their reach to meet the growing needs of students and their families in the

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Sunday’s Coming

Easter Sunday

As much as I love the season of Lent, Holy week brings with it much melancholy for this girl. I can’t begin to explain it … it just happens, every year right after Palm Sunday. I know why they call today “Good Friday,” but I often ponder

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Planning Priorities

Priorities, disorganization, family, home organization, life skills, organization solutions, prioritize, routine, simplify, time management, transforming lives

Have you ever started out the year with a set of priorities and by the end of the year, if not sooner, they unintentionally fell to the lower rung? In the organizing profession, January is Get Organized Month. As I mentioned in my final post of 2015,

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Constructive Thoughtfulness for the Future

plan for the future, organization, de-cluttering, house cleaning, goals for the new year

As I write my last post for 2015, many thoughts flood my mind … reflections on this year, memories from prior holidays, dreams and goals for the upcoming year, and on it goes. I try not to get too far ahead of myself in setting goals for

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Sowing Good Seeds

sowing good seeds, planting, organization, chaos, control, decluttering, straighten your paths

How does that saying go, better late than never? When I finally had time to begin planting my garden this year, it was a little late … like 30 days late. Peas, potatoes and onions should be in the ground on Good Friday! Oh well … as

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A New Season

a new season for straighten your paths, Shine, decluttering, housekeeping, refugees

If you’re like me, you are finding a certain kind of joy as we enter a new season. The word “season” has many definitions and I like them all. I can’t imagine living anywhere outside the Midwest where the beginning of a new season holds more vividness

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Finding My Ministry: Cookie Love

Today I want to share with you something that I love… I LOVE baking. The smell of melted butter. The taste of a sweet buttercream frosting. The gooey middle of a cupcake. But mostly, I love the look on each person’s face when they taste the sweets I

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A Great Beginning by jessie springer

And so it is the end of our GO month, but also the beginning of a hopeful new year! So, the big question looms… Did you Get Organized? I can see it now… your closets are in order, your to-do lists are done, and your house is

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Schedule Your 5% First by patty robertson

And here we are in 2013. As I sit down to write this blog, a flood of thoughts runs through my mind. It was 2003 when Straighten Your Paths was officially formed. I remember thinking, is there enough of a need for this business to succeed? Yes, there is.

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