If you’re like me, the beginning of summer seems long and slow; the kids being home and new routines for the family is a bigBack to School Supplies adjustment. Then, just when you get used to it and start enjoying those precious faces being home full time… summer is over and the school routine returns, as does purchasing the back to school supplies.

One big shock of going back to school is purchasing school supplies.  Every year I am amazed at how much more expensive paper and pencils have become. With three children, purchasing school supplies is a pretty big hit on our pocketbook! And my children all love to pick out new folders, notebooks, markers and backpacks. Watching the sales is a must.  Waiting until the last minute is a no-no. However, it is an unavoidable expense.

Before you know it your school routine will be back in full swing with all of the running included.  Busy mornings and afternoons leave little time for last minute errands. Thus, buying school supplies is forgotten. Until one evening as you tuck them into bed, one of those precious faces tells you they need note cards, a notebook or pencils the next day. Or in our house the child remembers as we are walking out the door to leave for school. (This provokes the typical mom responses, “Really?  Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Ugh!”)  Perhaps you run out before bed and pick it up or on the way to school in the morning.  Either way, this need for last minute school supplies is inconvenient and usually expensive as what you need is not on sale.  And if it irritates you half as much as me, know there is a solution that saves money, time and stress.

School supplies go on sale a week or two after school begins.  Big time!

Notebooks, pencils, pens, note cards, folders can all be purchased for pennies, literally.  You won’t even have to make a special trip for these savings.  After school begins and you head to the store, just walk through the school supply section.  Pick up three or four extra notebooks, glue sticks or whatever your children use frequently.  I keep small bins in my storage area with these extra school supplies; very small bins, 12X12 inch cubes.  For my children that has been enough to get us through the school year.

Soon it will be time to restock my school supply bins. This may seem minor, but last minute surprise errands can put a crimp in a well planned day. Since the school supply bins have been in our house many a peaceful morning has been saved.  Not to mention, has allowed mom and those precious faces to start and end the day smiling. That alone makes a little pre-planning and organization worth every second.

God Bless,

Cindy Torvik, SYP Chief Organizer

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