My heart aches for folks who don’t recognize the sorrow and stress their possessions can bring them. If only I had a magic wand I could wave to help them experience the feeling of managing less personal property, I’d wave one in each hand. This becomes most obvious after the holidays, and I’d be kidding you (and myself) if I said I was immune to it. One would think after being in this profession for 8+ years I would consistently practice what I preach. In an imperfect world, we all fall short from time to time.

I slipped into it this last Christmas…wanting to offer some sort of false comfort to my kiddos because of unforeseen circumstances. I thought they would benefit somehow from me gifting them with stuff. (I know better!) When I realized I’d lost my balance on this issue, I was disappointed in myself. Of course, I adamantly convinced myself that we won’t exchange gifts in 2011 but instead we’ll give it ALL away! I’ll get back to you next year on how this works out. My point … life happens, and I’ve learned not to say “never” but instead plan to stay focused on balance.

Scales tip and teeter as loads shift…some loads shift without warning due to circumstances out of our control, but most tip as a direct result of our choices. A bit of advice … if you can’t resist a good sale when you’re not shopping for something specific, stay out of the stores. Do not put yourself in a position of temptation and think you’re strong enough to resist it. Take note whether or not you are letting go of possessions at a similar pace you’re bringing things in. And, when your Christmas tree is still standing in February (I know of three), you certainly don’t have time to peruse the racks, or for that matter check Facebook.

Back in balance,