And so it is the end of our GO month, but also the beginning of a hopeful new year! So, the big question looms… Did you Get Organized? I can see it now… your closets are in order, your to-do lists are done, and your house is spotless. What I really want for you, though, is that you feel more organized and peaceful in your thinking. A Bible verse rings true to what I am hopeful you have found during your GO month and also what we can aspire to for the entire year:

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus

Philippians 2:5a


My study Bible explains this verse in two key elements:

1) “All godly action begins with the ‘renewing of the mind.’ Right thinking produces right actions. Our actions are the fruit of our deepest thoughts.”

What a great way to start 2013! Becoming organized in your home, your work, and your life begins with your mind. One of my tips for organizational life skills is to create quiet time for yourself. It is difficult to hear God when we are not listening. Have a prayer time, and don’t just speak to God, but also listen! I believe that He will guide us when we take the time to tune out the noise and truly listen to Him.

2) “Thinking and being like Christ are requirements not only for an individual but also for the corporate body of believers. Together we need to think and act like one being, like the Person of Jesus Christ.”

bigstock-Getting-Started--colorful-mot-28914236What an inspiration Paul gives us in Philippians. To act together in one church… to be brothers and sisters in Christ. Supporting one another. Striving to be Christ-like. And creating a network that cannot be broken. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful support system in the Straighten Your Paths women and in my family. Who is your support system? Mentors? Advisors? God is always there, too; He knows what He is doing. He is working in your life whether you know it or not. Choose to start your year off working together for Christ. He longs for us to come together and to love on one another, just as He loves us.

Have Hope! This is only the beginning…

We have made a great beginning to a new year. I feel blessed. I pray for God to continue to show me His love, so that I may show Christ-like humility and love to others on a daily basis… to truly listen… and to have right action through God as a church. I pray this for you, too! Thank you for following my first month of blogging with Straighten Your Paths. Stay tuned! There is much more coming this year~

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