In my kitchen hangs a sign that reads, “Simplify. Live Simply. Live Well.” This is always my goal. For me, to ‘live simply’ encompassesSimplify in 10 minutes every part of my life… to lessen the chaos and create calm. So, today, I want to share with you 5 ways to simplify your home in 10 minutes or less. Set your timer. Ready, set, GO!

1) Clean out your fridge! Throw away expired items. (Seriously, how long do you stand at a chaotic fridge trying to make a grocery list or digging to make sure you have the ingredients for dinner?) Scrub it down. Categorize by product. Use clear plastic bins for containment of small items, i.e. the ketchup packets.

2) Use baskets and bowls on open shelving to hide and contain all the clutter-creating extras. Add a decorative plate or bowl to your entry way table for keys, sunglasses, and phones. Extra tip: always keep your phone in the same place. Once it has a home, you will spend so much less time trying to find the last place you set it down.

3) Organize a snack station for your children in a cupboard they can reach. Stock it with lots of healthy options, and save yourself some time every time they say “I’m hungry.” They feel independent and you feel good about the choices they are making.

4) Utilize a cleaning bucket to contain all of those cleaning supplies and products. This way you don’t have to keep cleaning products in every bathroom and on every floor. One home for them that is easily portable everywhere in the house.

5) Simplify your wardrobe. Organize your clothes closet by season and color. You will know every item you own and be able to find them quickly and efficiently. And I know I have said it before, but it is worth a reminder. Turn your hangers backwards for a quick and simple way to see what you are actually wearing.

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