Tidy Bed“A place for everything and everything in its place” holds great meaning in the organizing world. Having a home for everything you own really can change the way you live your life. And it makes this week’s challenge even easier: 15 minutes to a tidy home.

I ran around the house… my own personal form of 15 to Tidy. Make the beds. Pick up the bathroom vanity. Begin a load of laundry. Place dirty dishes in the sink (to be washed later). Throw away one of the kiddo’s non-eaten and now non-edible snack. Place all random toys in their proper homes or at least close to their homes. (As Cindy Torvik, SYP professional organizer, has advised, “It is okay if the item is not in its home, but the item does need to have a home.”) Wipe down table and counters. Sweep the floor under and around the dining table and kitchen.

This is what 15 minutes to a tidy home is about: fixing all those loose ends around your house in a short amount of time. It really is quick, easy, and very productive if you have a plan of action and all your items have a home. The key of 15 to Tidy is just to get rid of the clutter quickly and clear your mind of the chaos. For example, my 15 minutes would never be accomplished without making the beds. My head just says the house does not look calm and tidy without the bed being made.

15 to Tidy clutter-clearing plan:

Use 15 minutes (and include every member of your household) before bed, after school, before dinner, etc. Once a day. Set a timer if you need to.

Make a list of jobs the kids (or the child-like adults) can tackle. Examples: dusting, vacuuming a room, doing the recycling, putting away the clutter, making the beds. Remember, if every item/toy/shoe has a home, they will know exactly where it goes!

Create a list of quick household tasks. These are simple chores that always need to be done but are often forgotten. Examples: clearing the clutter from your bedroom dresser (mine always holds receipts and spare change from someone’s pockets), stair runs with clutter needing to go to its home up or downstairs, washing mirrors, cleaning toilets, dusting the hard to reach places like ceiling corners and baseboards.

15 to Tidy really is as simple as that, providing a big sense of accomplishment in a short amount of time. Take 15 minutes today!

How do you keep your house tidy? Is it with a version of 15 to Tidy? What is your one most annoying chore? What tasks do you have to accomplish for your house to feel tidy?

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