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Finding Lost Time
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Order Within A Demanding Life

Demanding schedules and life circumstances leave many with little time and subsequent clutter. This combination becomes oppressive, discouraging, and has a powerful effect on relationships. While everyone has different levels of clutter comfort, it is important to determine whether or not the chaos is in charge by examining your personal habits and beliefs. Review our online quiz to help you determine whether or not you and your family may benefit with assistance from the organizing coaches at Straighten Your Paths in the areas of home organization and planning methods, home staging services, and moving solutions. These core services include coaching, decluttering, cleaning, minor home improvements, packing/unpacking, and move coordination.

Do you need the team?

Because no two clients have the same situation, the coaches at Straighten Your Paths will help you assess your circumstances through an initial visit. At that time, we will jointly determine next steps toward helping you reclaim your space, your time, your peace of mind …your life.

At Straighten Your Paths we serve more than one clientele. We serve our clients who in turn help us serve those living with less. Experience the joy of living with less and allow us to put you in touch with our local outreach partners when you are ready to lighten your load.

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Does your home SHINE?

Make sure you check out the housekeeping division of Straighten Your Paths.

house cleaning housekeeping organization services des moines iowa

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